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Getting Started in the Car Wash Business


Car Wash Business Overview

Thank you for your interest in Twin Distributing. We are really glad that you have contacted us for your interest in the car wash industry and the great products and services we represent. Our company has been in the car wash industry as suppliers and service for almost forty years We have assisted hundreds of people over the years fulfill their goals as profitable car wash operators or investors. We look ahead to serving you with the many different facets of your project; from site analysis, conception, and building, through installation, marketing, and service.



The most sufficient factor in the success of any car wash is the equipment. Purchasing the best equipment available will help insure your investment, run time, and the profitability of your car wash. We are proud to distribute the leading quality equipment and chemicals in the industry today.

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Return on Investment

Profit and/or Return on Investment are the main reason(s) you are considering investing in the car wash business in the first place. The average annual expense of operating a self-service and automatic car wash is approximately 40% of the gross revenue. This leaves approximately 60% of the gross revenue for Return on Investment, excluding any debt service that may be involved with the facility. Tunnel express washes can be yet more profitable if placed in a good location and managed properly.


Car Wash Building

There are many different variables to consider in your building plan. The foremost thing you want to consider is the type of car wash you want to operate. You need to consider how many bays to build if you have chosen a self-serve, an automatic, or a combination wash. The most important elements to consider are traffic flow and maneuverability, in that your customers should be able to easily access all the services you offer without any obstacle or impediment to other customers. We advocate the use of brick and block for ease of care and speedy construction.

The most successful washes usually have a more aesthetically inviting design and promote a modern image of cleanliness and functionality. Lighting of the facility is very significant. Bright lights convey a sense of security to the public and articulate that you are always open for business.



Operators and sales people will agree that location is very significant in the success of a car wash, or many other businesses as well. An investor should take considerable time to survey the market area in which they are looking to build, and compare the various benefits and expenses associated with each prospective site.

Here are a few elements to consider: market area, cost of land, zoning, water, and sewer service to the property, and building setback requirements that may ingest too much area and not allow the facility to be as originally designed.


Our Products

COVID-19 Notice: During this Coronavirus pandemic we are taking all precautions with our personnel and pray for the safety of yours. Our Company remains OPEN and is continuing to service and deliver chemicals for your car wash. Car Washes are considered to be an “essential Business” under “Automotive Repair & Maintenance Facilities.” Keep washing and sanitizing vehicles!!