AC8009 Free Vacuum Token Dispenser

The AC8009 Token Dispenser is a front load vacuum token dispenser that is manufactured specifically for car wash entry systems. The machine dispenses a “free” token for a specific wash type. Made from stainless steel and featuring Medeco locks and keys, this token dispenser features top of the line security that makes it the perfect choice for your car wash facility.

The AC8009 comes complete with a digital display control board for easy access, and can hold up to 2,800 tokens at one time. It also has an “out of service” light that lets you know when the machine needs to be serviced. For more information on the AC8009, contact us today!

Key Features

  • 10 ½“ W x 26” H x 13 ¼“ D
  • Holds up to 2,800 tokens
  • Stainless steel
  • Medeco locks and keys
  • “out of service” light