Aqua-Lab MD Car Wash Chemical Dispensing System

Hydraflex is proud to present the Aqua-Lab MD, the premium chemical dispensing unit on the car wash market. Designed with efficiency and low operating costs in mind, the unit can reliably complete a minimum of 700,000 wash cycles in one life. By precisely dispensing diluted chemicals to multiple applications at the same time, the MD is the preferred choice and the industry standard for dispensing units.

The Aqua-Lab MD guarantees consistent and reliable chemical delivery to the arch, every single time. Its convenient design makes it fit perfectly in small, out of the way places. It is very easy to install and requires almost zero maintenance. For more information about the Aqua-Lab MD, please contact us now!

Key Features:

  • Multiple-application distribution
  • Reliable, consistent chemical delivery
  • 700,000 wash cycles
  • Improved vehicle coverage
  • Lower operating costs
  • Saves space