BluWave Linear Profiler Car Wash Rinsing System

The BluWave Linear Profiler offers the most complete high-pressure car wash rinsing technology available. With its cutting edge design and innovative engineering, the BluWave can rinse up to 180 cars per hour. It’s safe, efficient, and takes up very little space. Designed to use reclaimed water, the BluWave is the perfect green choice for your car washing service bay.

Featuring two-axis direction breakaway, your vehicle has 100% protection and 90-degree boom rotation. The multiple profiling sensors maintain a constant, safe distance from the vehicle ensuring there will be no damage. The BluWave offers fast response and ease of operation.

Key Features

  • Two-axis breakaway providing 100% vehicle coverage
  • Bumpers along length of boom offers full protection
  • Clean and green using reclaimed water
  • 180 cars per hour
  • One year manufacturing warranty