Casino Fixture w/ Flashing Border

Casino Fixture w/ Flashing Border

Casino Fixture w/ Flashing Border Car Wash Sign

The Casino Fixture w/ Flashing Border is another staple in TSS’ vast catalogue of illuminating products. This promotional car wash sign has it all, from 16 colorful LED pucks on the front and 20 LED pucks mounted on the outside, and is guaranteed to be an eye catcher with the visually stimulating flashing animation. The background is a fully customizable color graphic and will remain on while the LED lights flash.

This casino-style signage is the perfect example of how to draw customers. Nobody likes going to a boring old car wash. Spruce up your facility and start turning heads with one (or more) of these beautifully designed signs. The signs are easy to mount and can be placed almost anywhere. For more information, contact us today!

Key Features

  • 16 LED pucks on front
  • 20 LEG pucks mounted on exterior
  • Customizable background color
  • Stunning visual animation that turns heads and catches eyes
  • Puts the finishing touch on your facility

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