CSI/Lustra Car Wash Cleaning & Protection Products

Cleaning Systems, Inc. is a leader in the innovation and production of cleaning and protection products for the automotive industry. They are a customer driven provider of value added solutions through chemistry and application systems to those in need of vehicle cleaning and protection.

Cleaning Systems, Inc. presents Lustra, an industry leader in car washing solution. Lustra has been perfected over 40 years and is constantly fine-tuned for peak performance. Designed to be used in friction or touchless tunnels and In Bay automatics, Lustra is the ultimate product for car washing systems. A single reservoir will wash up to 900 cars and eliminates the need for chemical mixing equipment. Simply load the product and start washing cars. For more information, contact us today!

Key Features

  • Convenience and value
  • Eco-friendly
  • No chemical mixing
  • Quickly determine dilution ratio
  • Consistency
  • Regular formulated products and Ultra concentrated options
  • Excellent removal of dirt, oils, and road film