Drive Thru

Drive Thru

Westmatic Drive-Thru Car/Bus Washing Systems

Westmatic manufactures state-of-the-art drive through car washing systems, including 2-brush, 4-brush, 6-brush, and touchless models. All of their models are designed for fleets with a large volume wash schedule. The system is outfitted with full length vertical brushes at the front and the rear that scrub and clean the entirety of the vehicle in 90 seconds. The brushes are electronically controlled, eliminating the need for high cost pneumatic air cylinder components.

Westmatic car wash systems are built to last and provide the highest quality wash for your customers. Bay space requirements and footprint can be radically reduced by retrofitting to a Westmatic truck system. Our brush systems can be paired with a variety of available options to suit your exact needs.

Key Features

  • Several models to suit your exact needs
  • Large volume washers
  • 90 second cycle time
  • Electronically controlled

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