Electra-Flex High Speed Curtain Car Wash Door System

Ultimate Supplies, LLC is proud to present the Electra-Flex High Speed Curtain Door System. The Electra-Flex was designed specifically for usage in the car wash industry and features the highest quality water and corrosion proof components. Backed by years of manufacturing and engineering expertise, Ultimate Supplies is known for great performance and is a trusted and recognized brand in the car wash industry.

The Electra-Flex is constructed out of flexible, reinforced vinyl that will safely bend out of its guide tracks if it is ever struck, avoiding expensive door and car repairs. The exterior is designed with superior outdoor pigments that guarantee extended color retention and UV protection. Powered by our exclusive EM1 electrical motor, the Electra-Flex has fantastic performance and consistency. For more information, please contact us now!

Key Features

  • Rust proof guide tracks
  • EM1 Motor
  • Adjustable open/close speeds
  • Self-calibrating
  • Battery backup