MacNeil Express Car Wash Tunnels 120' - 150'

MacNeils Express Wash Tunnels provide you and your customers with the highest quality, fastest, and safest tunnel car wash on the market. Engineered with decades of experience, MacNeil consistently outperforms the competition and has staked its claim as the leading manufacturer of car wash equipment available.

MacNeil Express Tunnels cover all the bases with top-of-the-line functionality, including presoaking, friction washing, high-pressure wash and rinsing, shine and dry, and other optional add-ons to complete your machine. Whether you’re upgrading or if this is your first purchase, you’ll have the best there is with a MacNeil.

Key Features

  • XR-1000 Conveyor
  • Energy saving technology
  • Enviro soft Friction brushes
  • High-pressure wash and rinse
  • Shine and Dry