Flash Dry Process

Flash Dry Process

MacNeil Flash Dry Process for Car Washes

The Flash Dry Process by MacNeil is an innovative high-powered drying mechanism that sits directly after the spot-free rinse applicator in the car wash tunnel. It immediately strips the water from the surface of the vehicle after it is applied, creating a virtual drip space. The Flash Dry produces a dryer and much shinier car and takes up far less important tunnel space. This process results in 0 dry spots and a sheen that is sure to keep customers coming back to your service bay.

The Flash Dry is easy to install and is maintenance free. It includes up to three 15HP producers and saves up to 15’ of space in the tunnel. With an aerodynamic shape and stainless steel reinforced housing, the Flash Dry was designed with safety and less noise in mind. Put the finishing touch on your car washing station and keep your lines long with the Flash Dry.

Key Features

  • Standard and High-Throughput packages available
  • Energy saving PowerLocks
  • Easy to install
  • Finish is available in a variety of Colors
  • One year manufacturer warranty

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