FV-3 Vacuum Combination Unit

The FV-3 Vacuum Combination Unit is the newest innovation from the FragraMatics lab. This vacuum unit is unique because it allows customers the option of adding a lovely fragrance to their car after vacuuming. Not only will the striking visual design attract new customers, the numerous fragrance options will have customers lining up to use the FV-3.

The perfect solution for car wash systems, the FV-3 accepts tokens and quarters to put the finishing touch on your car. Using a patented three column bubbling visual display, the FV-3 is considered an industry standard because of its ability to attract customers. It promises high quality performance vacuuming and will have your customers leaving with a smile. For more information, please contact us today!

Key Features

  • Vacuum and three fragrance selections
  • Accepts coins and tokens
  • Guaranteed to bring business
  • Accepts credit/debit cards