MacNeil Gloss Boss Tire Shine Applicator

Gloss Boss is an industry leading tire shiner that takes a superior approach to costly formula rub-on shiners. With a patented precision formula, the Gloss Boss produces the best looking and cleanest tires on the market. Lower formula cost and no maintenance costs increase your bottom line and put more money in your pocket.

The Gloss Boss Tire Shine Applicator is the perfect add-on to your car wash servicing bay and generates additional revenue by providing a level of deep cleaning that other applicators can’t offer. Built to last with a rugged design, the Gloss Boss will be serving your customers for years to come.

Key Features

  • Patented cam-style foam or nylon-stepped brush
  • Uses gentle pressure to provide complete tire coverage
  • Reduces waste and application cost
  • Brush life of 75,000 cars
  • Electric drive