Illuminator Overhead Car Wash Doors

The Illuminator Overhead Door, produced by Ultimate Supplies LLC, is the perfect choice for a superior performance, low maintenance car wash door. The door features rust/corrosion proof components and our UltraBelt system resolves cable jumping and is the industry leader in service bay doors.

The Illuminator Overhead Door features five-wall polycarbonate that enhances insulation, as well as a transmit sunlight for improved customer comfort and heat. It comes with a control box that adds an element for additional remote control options and includes a six year limited warranty. Contact us today for more information!

Key Features

  • HDPE rollers that will not freeze or rust
  • Ultimate Air-Powered Operator
  • Patented Ultimate bearings that withstand extreme environments
  • Kevlar UltraBelt System to combat cable jumping
  • Operator Control Box
  • 6 year limited warranty