PowerLock Air Valve

PowerLock Air Valve

MacNeil PowerLock Air Valve

The PowerLock Air Valve by MacNeil is an industry leading air valve that saves additional energy by preventing airflow between cars and peak load charges. The fans can continue to operate while decreasing motor horsepower by more than 50%, saving you money and power. Lightweight and durable, the PowerLock Air Valve reduces noise levels and can eliminate drying for pick-up truck beds and soft-top convertibles.

The PowerLock Air Valve generates the best return on investment with its power saving capabilities and creates a much safer environment in your car wash tunnel. This is the perfect piece of equipment for anyone upgrading old car wash equipment or opening up a new facility because it is both easy to install and requires little maintenance.

Key Features

  • Can be fitted to any MacNeil Tech 21 dryer, or most other manufacturer’s car wash dryers using the retrofit adapter
  • All-aluminum construction
  • Stainless steel and UHMW glide surfaces
  • Incorporates noise reduction materials
  • One-year manufacturer warranty

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