PDQ ProTouch ICON In-Bay Automatic Car Wash

The PDQ ProTouch Series just became a more formidable force in the friction in-bay automatic car wash industry. With the introduction of the ProTouch ICON, PDQ is now capable of offering another option to meet all of your soft-touch in-bay automatic needs. The ProTouch ICON is a new three-brush gantry-style system that offers superior aesthetics, a larger wash envelope, next generation brush control precision, amazing illumination packages and revenue generating features that are synonymous with all PDQ car wash equipment.

The ProTouch ICON was engineered to deliver incredible cleaning results using several “industry first” innovations that are unsurpassed by any other gantry-style rollover on the market today. ProTouch ICON – the next generation in vehicle cleaning systems – by PDQ Manufacturing, Inc.

Key Features

  • ProGlow Illumination Effect System
  • ProFlow Pressurized Fluid System
  • ProFlow High Pressure Pump Station
  • ProLoad Vehicle Loading System
  • Touch/Touchless Bi-Directional Wheel Scrubs
  • Swing Air Oscillating Drying System
  • Fully Retracting Brushes
  • More Services – 3X Foam, Super Sealant, Rain Rinse Arch, Bug Prep
  • E-Chain Utility Routing
  • Built-in Web Interface for Updating, Reporting & Monitoring