Westmatic Rollover (Gantry Style) Vehicle Wash System

Westmatic offers a variety of exceptional rollover (gantry style) vehicle wash systems that have proven to be the top choice industry wide. Designed to handle both public and private fleets, the brushes are engineered to safely and efficiently clean numerous classes of vehicles. Westmatic manufactures three different styles, 2-brush, 3-brush multiwash, and the extreme heavy duty 3-brush option that even has a touchless mode for ultra-sensitive vehicles.

Westmatic’s rollover wash systems are incredibly easy to customize for different vehicle sizes and types, and oftentimes is used for large fleets made up of buses, tractor-trailers, large trucks, and industrial equipment. These car wash systems have been designed to increase your bottom line and customer satisfaction.

Key Features

  • Less than 30 min of maintenance/mo
  • LCD touchscreen wash program selector
  • Self-diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • 3 options available
  • Automated vehicle sizing/contouring