MacNeil RS-301 High Side Washer Brush

Specifically designed for greater vertical reach on especially tall vehicles, the RS-301 continues to be the most effective high side car washer on the market. With its intuitive angled design, it gently contours the sides of any vehicle, short or tall, including large vans, trucks, and SUVs. It is proven to increase your bottom line by reducing manual prep work and can stand alone as the perfect solution for your car wash service bay.

The RS-301 is the ultimate piece of sidewashing equipment, and is perfect for both new car washes and retrofitting old ones. It always produces a fine, sparkly finish using environmentally safe foam. The foam can be customized with different colors and pattern combinations to put on a dazzling show for your customers while they wait.

Key Features

  • Individually air-controlled side pressure
  • Electric drive
  • Stainless-steel bearings and hardware
  • Maintenance free, corrosion resistant finish
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty