MacNeil RS-680 Z-Frame Wash Module

Powerful and consistent car wash cleaning is only three brushes away with the RS-680. These Z-frame car wash modules take up very little space and provide your customers with the best wash possible. The R-680 module is perfect for blasting roof racks and back spoilers, while gently washing antennas, grills, wipers, and side mirrors.

Whether you are opening a new car wash facility or retrofitting an existing one, the RS-680 is the perfect addition for aggressive cleaning needs. The brushes wash from rear taillight to headlights with a reach of over 6 feet. Give your customers the level of service they deserve with the RS-680.

Key Features

  • Electric drive with VFD
  • Envirosoft foam with color options
  • Stainless steel bearings and hardware
  • Cushion cylinders reduce wear and tear
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty