Sentinel Car Wash Payment Kiosk

For the most streamlined, innovative transaction kiosk on the market, the Sentinel by Unitec has no equal. Engineered to work with any in-bay automatic or conveyor wash system, it’s the perfect addition for any brand new or existing car wash service. Its sleek design and intuitive user interface, the Sentinel makes it easy for your customer to complete the transaction process.

If you are looking to secure a high quality transaction system with multiple options and customization settings, the Sentinel has all the bells and whistles. The Sentinel has an immediate credit card processor and can be programmed to dispense bills to customers in place of pesky coins. Double down on giving your customers the best transaction experience possible with the Sentinel kiosk.

Key Features

  • Sleek design
  • Many programmable options
  • Effectively manage higher customer volumes
  • Process credit card payments immediately
  • Customer loyalty programs