MacNeil Tech 21 Advanced Car Wash Drying System

The Tech 21 Advanced Dryer System from MacNeil gives you total drying control in the car wash process. The innovative technology behind the patented SMART nozzle gives you the power to control the direction and pressure of airflow for ultimate drying results. MacNeil offers 20, 30, or 40 HP nozzles or a comprehensive package that allows you to customize for your exact needs.

The Tech 21 has numerous features, including fiber optic nozzle synchronization, SMART nozzle, and a flexible design that makes installation into a new or existing car wash facility easy. Stainless steel reinforced housings mean the Tech 21 is durable and built to last. Take control of your drying processes today.

Key Features

  • 155 MPH Air Speed
  • No conflicting airflow
  • Maintenance free pro coat finish
  • 3800 CFM rating
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty