Twist N Kleen Generator Car Wash Foamer

Mr. Foamer is proud to present the recently updated Twist N Kleen Generator Foamer, the leading generator foamer on the car wash market. The generator offers unmatched levels of foam generation for express automatic, tunnel, and self-serve car wash applications. This new and improved version was designed for improved coverage, efficiency, and cost of ownership.

The Twist N Kleen Generator Foamer is an essential part of any car wash facility, setting you apart from your competitors by offering the best foam clean on the market. Made from non-corrosive metal inserts, the new design offers prolonged durability and performance, with very little maintenance costs. For more information, please contact us today!

Key Features

  • Self-serve, tunnel, or auto applications
  • Best foam generator on the market
  • New and improved design
  • Efficient and durable non-corrosive materials
  • Low cost of ownership